Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sword of Light - Little M's review

Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts

Sword of Light has been nominated for the Carnegie medal 2013. This review forms part of our shadowing of the Longlist.

Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts

Sword of Light is about King Arthur’s daughter, Rhianna Pendragon. She grew up in Avalon with the Avalonians who have magic. She thinks she is just a normal girl from the world of men. But when Merlin, a half druid-half man, comes with a dead King Arthur, he tells Rhianna something and her life changes for good.  Now she must fight Mordred (her cousin) and control the sword of light all with the help of Elphin and the knights of Camelot. Will she be able to return Arthur’s soul?

I really thought this book was going to be boring because other books about the Arthurian legend I’ve read (not many) are dull. But, I enjoy the TV programme, Merlin. But when I started to read Sword of Light, I couldn’t put it down.

When we got the book, I thought that I would struggle to read it because I thought the text size would be too small but when I opened the book the text was quite big. That was brilliant.

Hooking, adventurous, magical - that is exactly what this book is. Anyone who likes adventure, magic and novels to do with the Arthurian legend might enjoy this.

Sword of Light is the first book in the Pengradon Legacy series. When I finished it, I went straight to the second book in the series, Lance of Truth.
Publication details: 2012, Templar, Surrey, hardback & paperback

This copy: uncorrected proof received from the publisher for reviewing the Carnegie 2013 longlist.

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