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Lance of Truth - Little M's Review

Lance of Truth by Katherine Roberts

Lance of Truth by Katherine Roberts
Lance of Truth is the second book in Katherine Roberts' Pendragon Legacy series. The novel is still about Rhianna Pendragon and her trying to get her father, King Arthur's, soul back. But this time she is on the search for her mother and the lance of truth. The lance of truth is no ordinary weapon. It is like Excalibur, magical and one of the four magic lights. Will she find it before her dark magicked cousin does? And will her mother really love her the way she is?

A brilliant second Pendragon Legacy book. I really liked the way Katherine Roberts' writing magnetises you towards the pageturning adventurous novel. Definitely a good book.

I think Lance of Truth is better than Sword of Light by a mile. This time the author has put in more magic and mysteries. It is a good carry on to the Arthurian legend. It does remind me of the TV programme called Merlin (so sad that ended).

I think Rhianna develops a lot in this book, just like in the first book when she comes from Avalon to the world of men.

I really hope this book gets listed for the Carnegie or for another award. I think Lance of Truth deserves it.

When I had finished Sword of Light, I went straight on to this book, and when I had finished this I was all sad and "oh no, I've finished it!" So bring on the third one!

You can read my review of Sword of Light (Pendragon Legacy #1).

Publication details: 2012, Templar, Surrey, hardback
This copy: uncorrected proof received from the publisher

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