Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rendezvous in Russia - Lauren St John

Rendezvous in Russia by Lauren St John

Review by Little M

Rendezvous in Russia by Lauren St JohnRendezvous in Russia is Lauren St John’s current novel in the Laura Marlin mystery series. It is the fourth novel in the series.

Skye performs a dramatic stunt in their hometown, Cornwall. Due to this, the three of them find themselves stuck in yet another mystery. This time Laura Marlin, her best friend Tariq, and her three-legged husky, Skye, are on The Aristocratic Thief film set in Russia. With The Straight A’s criminal gang on the roam in Russia, Laura, Tariq and Skye are never safe.

Lauren St John’s Laura Marlin mystery novels are brilliant. They are one of my favourite detective series even though they are getting a bit young for me but I still really enjoy them. This one was very well put together and I love how the author makes you think someone is the villain when it is actually the person who you would least expect it to be.

I adore Laura’s dog Skye. He is a marvellous three-legged husky who is always the hero of the novel. He may be three-legged but he is priceless to Laura.

I can’t wait for another Laura Marlin mystery. I hope there is one.

Here is my review for the third Laura Marlin mystery, Kentucky Thriller.
Publication details: Orion Children’s Books, August 2013, London, hardback
This copy: received for review from the publisher

PS. This book was printed by Clays Ltd, St Ives plc. I find this funny because the character Laura Marlin lives in St Ives, Cornwall!


  1. I just discovered this blog and I think the idea of a mother-daughter blog is really cool. My daughter was born in Russia and loves dogs, so perhaps she would like this one,

  2. A new book in the series is coming out March 6th 2014 called The Midnight Picnic - it looks really good. Search it up on Amazon for extra details.


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