Friday, 14 September 2012

We sat down for a chat....with Sophie McKenzie

Little M's read all three of the Missing novels and most of The Medusa Project series. The third and last novel in the Missing series, Missing Me, was published just this week. So, Little M was delighted to ask author, Sophie McKenzie a few burning questions......

Author Sophie McKenzie
Little M: Why did you become a writer?

Sophie: Because I love stories. I got made redundant from my job, went on a writing course and realized that I loved writing stories even more than reading them!

Little M: How many books have you published altogether?

Sophie: Apart from short stories, specialist fiction and World Book Day books, I’ve published 11 teenage thrillers (including Missing Me) and 4 YA romances, as well as 2 books for younger children.

Little M: How old were you when you got your first book published?

Sophie: My very first published story was in my school magazine, when I was six! I had to wait over thirty years for my first proper book to be published though.

Little M: Do you have a stepmum or any step relatives?

Sophie: I do have a stepmother and I have had two stepfathers in the past (though they have both died now) as well as several stepbrothers and sisters.

Little M: Why did you want to write the Girl, Missing trilogy?
Sophie: I didn’t plan to write a trilogy. For a long time I thought Girl, Missing was a standalone novel. When I came up with the idea for Sister, Missing, I soon realized I also wanted to write another book after that one, set several years on and featuring Lauren’s little sister Madison as the main character. That story became Missing Me.


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