Friday, 21 June 2013

Six brilliant series - says Little M

Little M's thoughts on books she hasn't reviewed but read in 2012 that were part of a series.....
Covers for The Hunger Games, The Medusa Project, Sister Missing, Slated and World's End

The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins
3 books: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay (all read)
A fantastic dystopian trilogy about a world that makes their children fight for their life in a game. Fantastic books.

The Medusa Project series  - Sophie McKenzie
6 books, all read. A wonderful sci-fi series about teens with supernatural powers.
The Medusa Project #1: The Set Up -Sophie McKenzie
The Medusa Project #2: Hostage - Sophie McKenzie
The Medusa Project #3: The Rescue -Sophie McKenzie
The Medusa Project #4: Hunted - Sophie McKenzie
The Medusa Project #5: Double-Cross -Sophie McKenzie
The Medusa Project #6: Hit Squad -Sophie McKenzie (not pictured)
Missing series - Sophie McKenzie
3 books - Girl, Missing; Sister, Missing; and Missing Me (all read)
Brilliant series of a family whose kids keep on going missing. Brilliant series though Sister, Missing was not my favourite.

World's End series - Monica Dickens
Have read the first two books: The House at World’s End and Summer at World’s End.
A brilliant series, set many years back but a house full of rescued animals with just kids living there. Very good books!

Slated - Teri Terry
Loving the books so far (Slated is the first book and Fractured is the second book in a planned trilogy)! It is about a girl who has had her memory wiped clean, like a slate.

Insignia - SJ Kincaid (not pictured)
Sci-fi novel about a boy who is fighting in WWlll. Brilliant series - This is the first and Vortex is the second in a planned trilogy.


  1. I love reading these little reviews. I have Slated to read and am really looking forward to it. I also read The Hunger Games in 2012 and enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you Lucy for letting me know that you like the mini reviews, I might start doing more of them. I really hope you like Slated, I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the moment I am ready a book called Specials, it is written by Scott Westerfeld and it is the third in the trilogy. The other two are called Uglies and Pretties, if you haven't read them, you might like them! :p


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