Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rebecca Stead chat

We sat down for a chat...with Rebecca Stead

Rebecca Stead is the award-winning author of the incredible When You Reach Me and the recently Carnegie shortlisted, Liar & Spy. Her novels are playful, thoughtful, charming and completely magical in some very unusual ways. We’ve asked her a few questions, inspired by reading Liar & Spy.

author Rebecca Stead
WSD: Have you ever been a member of a spy club?

Rebecca Stead: Yes, the kids upstairs and I had a spy club. It involved lurking in the elevator, and occasionally getting yelled at.

WSD: What are your favourite games?

Rebecca Stead: Word games (jotto, boggle, bananagrams) and card games, when I can remember the rules.

Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead
WSD: What is your favourite food? Do you enjoy cooking?

Rebecca Stead: I do like cooking. Lately I'm into shrimp. But I most love to eat bread, pasta, rice, cereal . . . pretty much any member of the starch family. Plus anything dairy. Right now we have a very delicious soda bread on the kitchen counter (though I didn't make it).

WSD: Your novels create a great sense of place and make New York sound.....umami! Are there any real life places, which inspired elements of your novels, that you would urge readers to visit?

Rebecca Stead: Thank you! And yes, I urge everyone to visit DiFara's pizza on Avenue J in Brooklyn. It's very special, but the line gets long, so arrive early and hungry.

WSD: If you opened a fortune cookie, what would you hope it said?

Rebecca Stead: Peace is possible.


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