Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ho, ho,'s a Carnegie Christmas

76 books, 76 letters, 25 days, 22 publishers, 2 bloggers and 1 Christmas tree! And a cracker or two (or eleven). We're kickstarting our shadowing for Carnegie 2014 in festive style this year.

1 Christmas tree
Built from 76 books, all nominated for Carnegie 2014.

76 books, 76 letters, 25 days
We're scrabbling our advent calendar this year. For 24 days, we'll be featuring a few Carnegie titles and revealing some letters. All of these letters make up an anagrammed message. Do check them out on our Carnegie Advent Calendar.

If you don't make it to the calendar, we'll be exploring the variety that makes up the 2014 nominations list right here too. About once a week, we'll bring together all the titles that have featured on the advent calendar here on this blog. These posts will throw the judging criteria and alphabets to the wind. We'll see where that takes us, especially as we haven't read them all. In these posts, we'll also give some clues to help you solve the advent, scrabbled message.

We hope you'll join us.
And so, to the first titles.....

Liar & Spy - Rebecca Stead (Andersen Press)
Of course we're starting with this: there are scrabble tiles!!

The Great Unexpected - Sharon Creech (Andersen Press)
We're not sure what to expect from this story and we're not too sure what to expect from all 76 of the nominated titles. No doubt, some will be great. Some will be unexpected. Some will be both - those are the ones that will win.

And, if you keep an eye out, why not count how many of the covers on this year's list feature big circles.....and trees!

Head on over to our Carnegie Advent Calendar to grab those first 2 letters. There are cracking surprises too!
And last but not least, a hearty "Cheers":
to the 22 publishers who have supported our Carnegie festivities this year.

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