Friday, 8 February 2013

Zenn Scarlett - Cover Reveal

Sci-fi, teen main character, and training to be a vet – who looks after alien creatures in space! With a few mysterious escapes, disappearances, accusations and strange voices thrown in, seventeen year old Zenn Scarlett is on a serious rescue mission on Mars.

Ticking all of the plot boxes for Little M, this one’s been on our wishlist for months so  we’re delighted to take part in our first ever cover reveal for Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon. It’s being published in May 2013 by Strange Chemistry, Angry Robots’ newish Young Adult imprint.

I read and reviewed Katya's World which was published by Strange Chemistry last year. I thought it was a good, adventurey sci-fi for teens so I'm hoping Zenn Scarlett will match it.
Ta da!

Zenn Scarlett cover art by ARGH! Oxford

And here’s a pic of the author, Christian Schoon. Zenn Scarlett is his debut novel.
Author Christian Schoon
Little M thinks he looks farmy and film-like, which is probably just as well since he lives on a farm in Iowa, USA and he’s written scripts for Walt Disney studios. Apparently there are lots of horses on his farm too, so that’s a bonus point for him....!!
Little M thinks the cover for Zenn Scarlett looks and sounds cool. Do you?


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  1. I love the look of this book. I can't wait till I can read it. Vets in space, sound good.


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