Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Killchase: Codename Quicksilver #4 - Little M's review

Killchase (Codename Quicksilver #4) by Allan Jones

Killchase is the fourth book in Allan Jones's Codename Quicksilver series. If you haven’t read the first three books, this review will have some small spoilers. Here are my reviews for the other books in the series: In the Zone, Tyrant King and Burning Sky.


Killchase by Allan Jones

Zak is no ordinary teenage boy. He is an undercover project 17 spy. It is so secret that some of the government don’t even know it exists. In project 17 only teens go out into the field but adults do help them.

This time Zak is working without his unit and is going to help Archangel find the mole in MI5. When Zak gets a mysterious phone call from a man named Archangel who says he knows his long lost brother, Jason, will he be able to trust him?
Can he also jump 10 metres and will the General turn to Operative Rogue?

This wasn't my favourite novel in the Codename Quicksilver series but it is still one of my favourite series that I am reading at the moment.

Readers who aren't so enthusiastic about reading will definitely want to read more but it also may make them want to read other books. People who like spies and action should love it but readers who want a challenging read might find it a bit dull. I find them easy but I still do love them.

Altogether it was an okay book. Some people might love it but some might hate it. I am in the middle.

I can’t wait for the fifth novel, Adrenaline Rush.


Publication details: January 2013, Orion, London, paperback

This copy: received for review from the publisher.


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