Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Sea of Stars - Little M's Review

A Sea of Stars by Kate Maryon

A Sea of Stars - Kate Maryon
A Sea of Stars is about a family who adopt a 10 year old girl called Cat. Cat’s real mother can barely look after herself, let alone Cat and her brother. Maya on the other hand, the daughter of the family who adopts Cat, is not allowed to surf on her own without a friend or an adult. This is all because of her little brother’s death but when Maya finds out they are adopting Cat she becomes more excited.  Cat tries to fit in but she can’t forget the fact that her brother is at a different home because the social workers wanted to split them up. As Maya and Cat live together they realise how similar they are. Is Cat going to accept the fact that they are her new family? And is Maya going to be allowed to surf on her own?
I have read many books so far but none have had much to do with surfing. I really like this book because I thought the ending was put together nicely. I now realise how different the Jacqueline Wilson Tracy Beaker books are to this one. It’s so different because in Tracy Beaker most of the kids want to be adopted, but in this one Cat didn’t want to be. 

After reading this I really want to read Shine, Glitter and A Million Angels by Kate Maryon.
I think people who like surfing, books where a child is being adopted or maybe people who like Tracy Beaker will like this book. If I had to give an age rating I would probably say around nine or ten plus because some younger kids might not be reading at that level yet. But it depends on their capability.

Publication details: 2012, Harper Collins, London, paperback
This copy:  received for review from the publisher.



  1. Sounds like a good book - fab review Little M!

    1. Thanks Jim, I've passed your comments on to Little M - she's caught up in reading, reviewing and all sorts at the moment (and not reading through her comments as much as she perhaps ought to be doing :)

  2. Hello, Little M,
    I just noticed in your lovely review of A Sea of Stars that you'd like to read my other books - would you like me to another you another one? And thanks again for such a sweet review! Lots of love, Kate Maryon xxx


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