Thursday, 5 April 2012

YA lit is a blast!

Harper Collins

When we sat down on the sofa on the 14th March, who’d have thought we’d end up here today? Little M just wanted to keep a list of her books….then share her thoughts and get inspiration for good authors and good books to read.

The past three weeks have been an absolute blast. We’ve heard about so many great books – new and old – and authors too.  And we’ve been chatting with so many lovely readers and writers who have been so helpful. Thank you!

Here’s what's been going on and a little heads up on some middle grade and teen/YA book news:

·        Little M’s bookshelves were on show at The Overflowing Library’s Bookcase Showcase. We signed up to The British Book Challenge 2012 hosted by the Overflowing Library. And we won the March’s prize pack from Simon & Schuster (more about that coming in our Easter In My Mailbox post). 

·         We’re following the very hot and brand new Hot Key Books who – like us – are at the beginning of their journey (woohoo). They invited us to guest post on how we choose our books where we highligted the importance to us of recommendation and the Carnegie Book Awards. And we’re also privileged to be reading a proof of SJ Kincaid’s Insignia – Hot Key’s first launch title coming out in august 2012.

·         We’ve seen the launch of the #UKYA site which is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to discover authors of Young Adult and teen literature in the UK.  We’ll be using it loads!

·         We heard exciting news about Lauren St John’s Laura Marlin series for younger readers (middle grade/10-12ish)  Book 3 is being written – for horse lovers, it’s about the Kentucky Derby.  And she’s gone off to research Book 4 in St Petersburg, Russia!

And….yes, we were all waiting for it……


·         INSURGENT by Veronica Roth. Our first two book reviews (Little M’s and M’s) were for Divergent.  And now the sequel, Insurgent, will be launched in the UK by Harper Collins on 1 May.
·         But the best bit for We Sat Down – we’ve been selected for the blogging Team #CANDORUK. Yes, we're part of a faction! WOOhooo!!! This means we’ll be among the first to get our hands on an advance copy of Insurgent – before 1 May!  Watch out for reviews coming up during that week. And to be honest, the #CANDORUK reviews will totally spill the truth on Insurgent.

To follow team #CANDORUK news, here is our fabulous team:

We Sat Down (that’s us!)


  1. OMG, OMG I am in team Candor with M! I did my crazy, victory dance in the garden:):)

    Did you know that I have taken about an hour to calm down with the fact that we are amoungst 50 blogers to be able to read the book before it is published:):)

  2. You have done really well in a short space of time. The YA book blogging community is one of the best!

    1. Thank you, Viv. We're very happy to have found it. :)

  3. OMG i finishsed the book on the 28th of april (aks yesterday):):p


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