Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Little M Review - Sky Hawk

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis
Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis.

Sky Hawk is about a boy called Callum (he’s about eleven or twelve) and a girl called Iona (same age as Callum). Iona has a secret that no-one else knows but now she is going to tell Callum. Oh poo, now I can’t tell you what the secret’s about because it will ruin it…!

The book is set in Scotland. There is an osprey nesting on the McGregor’s farm. It’s windy, snowy, pretty much typical English weather (lol). This book is about animals, friendship between people, and trying to save things.

I enjoyed it a lot. I also cried a lot in some parts but smiled in some parts. A terrible thing happens twice (two different things).  The first one was very, very, very sad. It made me cry. And the second one, in the end, made me happy.

I’ve never read anything like this before. I would recommend Sky Hawk to bird-lovers, Michael Morpurgo fans, and ages 9-13 and a little bit older.

For me a message of the book was that you can find something even if it’s far away.

Publication details
Oxford University Press, 2011, paperback

This copy: borrowed from public library


  1. Comment received via Twitter from @Alibrarylady:

    "Little M has excellent taste! It made me cry too. Cover has put girls at my school off, will promote this one hard, it's so good."

    1. My reply on Twitter:
      "@Alibrarylady - She'll be pleased. But oh dear, covers! Little M says they're often misleading. But Gill Lewis' website seems very cool to me."

  2. awww great review, I love the sound of this book and as I'm a huge fan of Michael Morpurgo I might have to check it out!


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