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The Weight of Water - Carnegie Shadowing

We explored the longlist, now we're down to shadowing the Carnegie Medal 2013 shortlist. For each title, we'll provide a review (or links to our reviews) and some discusssion points too.
The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan
The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan
Little M's short review
The Weight of Water is written in verse but as a narrative. It can be read as a book or as separate poems. To start with, I found the style too jumpy because it was short lines. However, when someone started to read it to me I got into it and started to read on.

The main plot was about Kasienka travelling to England and finding her father. I think a sub plot is the relationship between Kasienka and Will. Another sub plot is how people treat others e.g. how the boys and girls at school tease Kasienka because she is from Poland and looks a bit different to them.

My favourite character was Kanoro because he was always friendly and he had a good personality.

You can read M's review here.

Joint thoughts guided by the Rydens Book Review Form
We both thought the book had a strong plot. M thought the novel rounded the story off well by tying up the original concerns but leaving enough about the future open. Little M thought that the ending was left a bit too open.

We both believed in the characters and related to them well.

Writing Style
We both liked the way the book was written and it was easy to understand. M thought that the style, particularly the verse form, contributed to making the book special. Little M can't decide if a different style would have made the book more enjoyable. Although the verse - because unfamiliar - was awkward to get into at first, she's edging towards agreeing with M that the verse and current style made it more enjoyable.

We both enjoyed this book and it was right for both our age groups (Little M is 13, M is much older!). We both wanted to carry on reading. It was a lovely book. The copy we read was a little hardback - almost like a pocketbook which made it different. We both read it quickly - probably in under 2 hours. For such a quick read, the story packed a lot of plot and rich characterisation into it.

Score out of 5: 5 - excellent, could be a winner.

Publisher: Bloomsbury

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