Thursday, 11 October 2012

Party Disaster - Guest Review by Alice

Party Disater by Sue Limb is reviewed by our 12 year old guest reviewer, Alice.
Party Disaster by Sue Limb

Party Disaster is about a teenage girl called Jess and her friends - Flora, Jodie, Fred and Mackenzie. It is called party disaster because Jess invited a few friends over and word gets round which causes a major disaster. Can Jess sort it out?

Favourite character:
My favourite character was Jodie. Although she isn’t the main character she wasn’t selfish and she always thinks of others before herself!

Extra comments:
- this book is part of a series and the beginning doesn’t make sense at first if you haven’t read any of the others
- it takes a while to get into the story
- the first time you read it, it seems rather confusing

8/10  - maybe aimed at older people

12 and over; for people who want close to real life stories


Publication details:
Bloomsbury, June 2012, paperback

This copy: received by We Sat Down for review from the publishers

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