Sunday 29 July 2012

What's going on? #5

New books for us:

Yes, we have nibbled on the Bluebell Jones rock!!!
The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
It’s been on our wishlist for a while and it’s highly recommended by people who know what we like.  But, our local library doesn’t have it in yet. So thank you lovely Zac the librarian all the way down there in Christchurch, New Zealand; you’ve come to our rescue by sending us a copy of. This is a highly acclaimed teen story about love, life and cancer.

My Brother Simple – Marie-Aude Murail.
Critically acclaimed in mainland Europe, it’s an alternative coming-of-age story involving flatsharing with a brother who has learning difficulties and girls. Publishing in the UK on 2 August 2012 (received for review, Bloomsbury).

The Night Sky In My Head – Sarah Hammond.
Mikey is damaged after an accident and can go backwards in time to see things in the shadows. Disappearances and murder might be involved (received for review, Oxford University Press).

The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones – Susie Day. Blue is turning thirteen and she thinks she’ll need some help. So (obviously!), she calls upon Red, her fourteen year old self from the future, to help her have the summer of her life. We’re both very keen to read this. And the rock is such a sweet touch too! (received for review, Marion Lloyd, August 2012)

Breathe – Sarah Crossan Lottery-style winners get to live inside the Pod when the earth’s oxygen levels are able to plummet. Life inside the Pod becomes oppressive and stratified and threat of ejection from the Pod acts as a social regulator. This is the first title in a new dystopian trilogy. Publishing in October 2012 (proof received for review, Bloomsbury).

Fast forward, Rewind and Play

Here’s a heads up on some forthcoming time travel novels that have dollops of romance in them too:

-          The Twice Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones – Susie Day (August 2012, Marion Lloyd)
-          Time Between Us – Tamara Ireland Stone (25 October 2012, Doubleday)
-          When the World Was Flat (and We Were In Love) – Ingrid Jonach (late 2013 from Strange Chemistry).


  1. The Fault in Our Stars is utterly beautiful and I hope you love it.

    1. Thanks Sophie; I know so many of you rave about it (and all of John Green's stuff actually - this'll be our first).

  2. I have Breathe too! It sounds awesome doesn't it! I need to read The Fault In Our Stars, it sounds so good!

    Letterbox Love

    1. Enjoy Breathe; everyone says they need to read The Fault In Our Stars; I hope they're all right on that one :)

  3. Great books, from what you said about My Brother Simple I'm looking forward to reading your review!! :)


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