Thursday 19 July 2012

Little M's review - Tiger Wars

Tiger Wars: The Falcon Chronicles by Steve Backshall

Tiger Wars by Steve Backshall
Tiger Wars is about a boy called Saker and a girl called Sinter. They meet when Saker is on the run from a clan that he was part of until he thought what they were doing was wrong. Each clan member was given a name by the way they move and act so Saker got given Saker which is a kind of eagle. The clan are trained to fight, steal and hunt. They grow up like that from before they could remember. But when the clan are asked to deliver a rich man some tigers, either dead or alive, Saker thinks it is so wrong to kill such a rare animal. So then he goes on strike (stops helping them).
As Saker runs away from the dogs and the clan he bumps into Sinter, an Asian girl who is forced to marry a horrid man. Because Saker is on the run he grabs her and then they run off together. They are going to get the tiger cubs back from the clan before it is too late.
It takes them from India to the Himalayas and then to China. Half way through Sinter gets captured by one of the clan. Are Saker and Sinter ever going to meet again and are they going to save the cubs before it is too late?     
I liked this book, but it was not my favourite because the author didn’t describe the surroundings very well and you could almost have been anywhere. Apart from the fact that it lacked the description, it was a pretty good book. I loved the idea where each member of the clan is given a name based on how they move and how they go about doing stuff.
I’m not quite sure what age this book is suitable for but I definitely know people who like adventure might enjoy this book.
Publication details:
Orion Children’s Books, June 2012, London, hardback
This copy: received for review from the publisher


  1. Hello Little M, I enjoyed reading your review. This book sounds like one that pupils at my school may enjoy. Do you think that girls in years 5 & 6 would be too young to read this? Thank you.

    1. It could be appropriate but it depends on their reading ability. I quite enjoyed it.


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