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Little M's Review - White Dolphin

White Dolphin by Gill Lewis
White Dolphin by Gill Lewis
White Dolphin is based on a girl called Kara. Kara and her father have been living with her aunt and uncle in Cornwall. A year ago Kara’s mother disappeared when she was on a trip to help save the ocean from being dredged. Now Kara has to face life without her mother but she is so scared about her beloved boat being sold.
A new boy named Felix arrived at school one day. He and his father are thinking about buying the boat that Kara and her father own. At first Kara hates Felix but when a white injured dolphin appears they become really good friends.
Can they stop the people from dredging the sea bed and can they save the white dolphin?!!!!!!
My favourite character was Felix; Felix is a boy who is willing to do what he wants even though he has a problem with the movement of his legs and one arm. He loves the sea and wishes he can one day enter boat racing in the Paralympics with Kara.
I really thought this book is one of the best books Gill Lewis has ever written. I even think it is better than Sky Hawk. I give Gill Lewis a massive pat on the back because this book was a heart moving tale about a girl who is determined to save animals lives and never give up hope. I thought this book was sad in some parts like when Dougie has started dredging the reef. But I think this story has lots of hope in it too.
This book is suitable for any person who wants to read about how animals are so important in life and people who love Michael Morpurgo and Gill Lewis.

Publication details:
Oxford University Press, 2012, Oxford, paperback
This copy: review copy from OUP

And look out for an interview with Gill Lewis here tomorrow: find out what happens when your canoe snaps on an African river and other funny stories.  And some wonderful pics too!

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