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Little M's Review - A Stallion Called Midnight

A Stallion Called Midnight by Victoria Eveleigh

A Stallion Called Midnight - Victoria Eveleigh

Jenny is going to learn how to ride, but to do that she must leave the wild stallion Midnight on the island and go to the mainland. But there is a catch; her Father has always said she should get a good education and that cannot be achieved on the island. So Jenny is going to go to boarding school and she is leaving the island and Midnight.
Jennie’s dream is to be able to ride Midnight, but because he is a wild stallion she has no idea how she will. But when people come to take Midnight to the main land to be tamed and sold, Jennie’s heart breaks. How is she going to live without him!!! Poor Midnight is on a boat to the mainland and Jenny can’t do anything to save him.
Once in boarding school she meets a girl called Fran; Fran becomes Jennie’s best friend. Then when the half term holidays come her boat is cancelled because of the bad weather, so she must stay at the boarding school. Everything is so miserable for Jenny till Albert comes and takes her back to where he lives on the mainland. Albert is one of the light house guards on the island but he and his family mainly live on the mainland. Albert has a son called Ben who is a few years older than Jenny, but when they met on the island they instantly started talking.
Jenny and Ben had been trying to tame Midnight with a halter that had been hand made by Ben. But before they could finish Midnight had been taken to the mainland. Now on the mainland they are both going to try and get Midnight back....
I adore the little foal Gale. She sounds so nosey and all she wants is attention. I can’t believe Gale managed to survive the storm; she must have been so weak.
I loved this book because it was not 100% pony mad, but had other aspects to it like when Jenny has to make friends and make a decision whether to stay with Fran in London or stay at the boarding school. It also had the most important thing in the world in it which is love. You could see how much Jenny loved her Mother but also let Sheila in.   
This book made me think about the way people treat animals with respect. Like in the book, Jenny thinks it is not right to own a horse; it is like someone owning you.
I even think my Mum would like this book. 

Publication details:
Orion, June 2012, London, paperback
This copy: review copy from the publishers

Exciting!!! Tomorrow, Tues 26 June, we'll be giving having our first book giveaway!!!! And Victoria Eveleigh tells us some very interesting things too. 
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