Friday, 16 March 2012

We sat down.......

We are M & M, a mother and (almost) teen daughter who are starting to find that we are happily discussing the same books. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. But either way, we're enjoying it.

It started a few months back when we all attended a local stage production of Skellig (based on David Almond's novel).  Since then, 'my name is mina' has become a private meme in our household - and we'll tell you more about that some other time.

So the two of us sat down on the brown sofa and We Sat Down was born.

The idea for We Sat Down is quite simply a record of the books we've read and a place to share our thoughts, to recommend good authors and to provide ideas for books to read. And most of all, we hope it will be fun.

The initial focus will be on books that older children, young adults and adults can both enjoy.  Because that is where we are right now.  Things may change along the way.

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