Saturday, 28 January 2017

We sat down for a chat...with John Corey Whaley

I loved John Corey Whaley's Highly Illogical Behaviour. Its snappiness, Star Trek jokiness and lemonade flavour provides the inspiration behind these questions that I put to John:

John Corey Whaley - author
WSD: A Wal-mart woman put a curse on you? You've remembered that so how did it affect you?

John Corey Whaley: Well, I believe she spoke gibberish, so I never actually knew what the curse was--and, look, who's to say she didn't bless me or something?  I have no idea.  She grabbed my hand, chanting something nonsensical, and walked away.  I guess it's given me a good, weird story--and what better for an author to have, eh?

WSD: What's your favourite drink and how do you like it served?  

John Corey Whaley: Coffee---and I like it with cream and a little sugar, maybe some coconut oil. Please no almond milk in there. Please.

WSD: If you know any Star Trek jokes, can you please tell me one (or two) so that I can repeat it and impress my friends and family?

John Corey Whaley:

What did Captain Picard say to the tailor when his uniform ripped?

Make it sew.

(That's the only one I know and it's so bad hahahaha)

WSD: Oh yeah, that's bad! 

WSD: What books should be on every responsible reader's shelves?

John Corey Whaley: Mine. I'm KIDDING.  I think a responsible reader is someone who reads a wide list of authors from around the world--who write for different age groups, fiction or non-fiction.  Poetry too--a responsible reader has books of poetry and the sciences and maybe a weird book about birds or contagious diseases thrown in the mix.

WSD: What's the most highly illogical thing you've ever done (or one of them)?

John Corey Whaley:  I quit my job as a teacher to tour with a book no one had ever heard of. It worked!

WSD: Do you like dogs or cats?

John Corey Whaley: Both, but my boyfriend and I have a cat named Banjo.  He is like our child.

WSD: OK, he likes dogs so so he gets the big thumbs up! My review of Highly Illogical Behaviour is here.

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