Thursday, 27 September 2012

Billie Templar's War - guest review by Alice

We've a new young guest reviewer today. It's Alice. She's 12. You might have met her before when she took part in our first teen book group. In her own style, she reviews Billie Templar's War by Ellie Irving.

Billie Templar's War by Ellie Irving

For Queen. For country. For dad. This book is about an eleven year old girl called Billie Templar and about her life while her dads at war. It is set in England in the modern day. Billie’s main aim is to get her dad home from the war in time for the school’s summer carnival.

Favourite character:
My favourite character was Billie because of all her determination and concentration that went into trying to get her dad back home from the war.

Extra comments:
- emotional in places (especially towards the end of the book)
- full of determination and willpower

9/10 - a good book

For 9 and over and for people that like modern fiction


Publication details:
Bodley Head, June 2012, hardback

This copy: received by We Sat Down for review from the publishers 


  1. Nice review, Alice. You made this sound like a really good book. I will have to look for it.

  2. Fab review, Alice - you did really well to capture the great stuff about the book so quickly.

    Alex, you should definitely look for it - it's brilliant! As is Irving's debut, For The Record.


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