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Ghost Knight - Little M's review

Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke

Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke
Ghost Knight is about a boy named John Whitecroft who is sent to boarding school. He says he saw three ghosts on horses. No one believes him, but one girl named Ella Littlejohn does believe him. Ella’s grandmother, Zelda takes tourists on ghost walks and tells them about the ghosts, like the gray lady and the young apprentice in the mansion who had died at a young age. The one thing though that neither the three know about is that ghosts can come back alive. John summons a courageous ghost knight to help him defend himself from the three ghosts on horses.
This novel was a little frightening. It scared me; only a bit though. It was a type of scare I have never felt. Not a scare-me-to-death like the  film Woman in Black (“shiver runs now down my spine”) but more like it-makes-you-think-could-they-actually-be-real type of scare. And what would it be like to see a ghost?

People who like ghosts or stories about ghosts, this will be right up your street. I think most kids around the age of 11/12 will really enjoy it because the main character is 11 and he goes off on an adventure on his own. Not just kids who are 11/12 or ghost fans will like this but people who like the supernatural or the Young Bond books (Silverfin by Charlie Higson) may like it too.
Warning! This book contains the supernatural, ghosts, toads, mystery, a little adventure (but not much) and history (Might be fake? But anyway).

Publication details: Orion, 4 October 2012, London, hardback

This copy: uncorrected proof received for review from the publisher




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  1. Im really looking forward to giving this one a read. thanks for your thoughts :)


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