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Review - Emma Hearts LA

Emma Hearts LA by Keris Stainton

Emma Hearts LA by Keris Stainton
If ever there was a book that was meant for a beach read, this is one.  If you’re not already on the beach or haven’t got a trip imminently planned, this’ll have you aching for one.  Otherwise you’ll be left feeling just a tad….envious.

Emma Hearts LA is a teen love story.  Probably the first romance we’ve ever reviewed on We Sat Down. 

Emma’s parents have divorced and her mum is planning on moving the three of them (Emma, younger sister Becks and herself) to Los Angeles. Emma’s not too keen but Becks is – she wants to be a movie star. Within pages, they have moved to Venice in LA and the story is really about their first few days there as Oscar (one of Emma’s childhood friend’s who also lives in LA now!), shows them the ropes.

While this may be billed as a glamorous read, I was delighted that Emma sweats and has the occasional wardrobe hiccup. While lovely boys quickly become the main focus of the plot, Emma is also struggling to work out what she wants in life and readers who love flawed and ‘conflicted’ characters will love Emma. Bex seems like a really easygoing sister and their mom (an astronomist at UCLA) sounds pretty cool too.

For me, Oscar is the real star. On all accounts, he is adorable. I’d go to Wok the Boat just to get a pot of his noodles. But, I think he reminds me of a whole bunch of guys that I know - or knew at school. So if you don’t make it to LA don’t fret, they’re probably all around you if you take a really good look.

The novel is set in Venice, LA which sounds fabulous.  Lots of little canals and bridges. I’ll be sure to check it out if I ever head out that way. And forget yoga on the terrace, I want one of those kayaks!

Being a romance, there’s also quite a bit of kissing. And if toned abs are your thing, there’s some of that too. For readers who have any clue about what goes on with Hollywood TV, there’s plenty in this for you too – but I must admit most of that went over my head.

If I picked a theme song for this novel, it’d have to be Gabrielle’s “Dreams” (or anything by S-Club 7 – Keris, what a pity the ed made you take it out! J).

It’s a quick and fun read that’s easily suitable for 12 years up.


Emma Hearts LA publishes in June 2012.  The blog tour will be stopping here on Monday 4 June.  Please come by to meet the lovely Keris Stainton.

Publication details:
Orchard, 2012, London, paperback

This copy: Uncorrected proof copy from Orchard


  1. Fab review, I will be buying a copy soon - I love Keris' writing and this one sounds as good as her others.

    1. Thanks, Jesse. This is the first of Keris' books that I've read but what has struck me most about it is how honest it is; and the characters are all so nice. It's a real feelgood book. It makes you feel all sunny and I think it's good to get a bit of sunshine sometimes :)

  2. I can't wait to read all about Oscar! Hearing such good things about him. I just noticed that you haven't read any of Keris' other books. You must read Jessie Hearts NYC! It is fabulous.

  3. great review!! You know I loved this one and Keris's stuff in general, I really recommend you picking up Jessie <3's NYC too becuase I think you'll really love that!


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